Vertical Slicer VS 250-1

The VS 250-1 can slice multiple slices at once and vertically with the proven Sabofa oscillating blade system. The slicing unit consists of product holders that pass the product through the rapidly moving blades. The setup of the machine in the above  mentioned video has 22 blades and a slice thickness of 5mm. The slicing unit can reach a maximum capacity of 60 products per minute. The slicing machine has a plc that controls both the slicing unit and the tray dispenser.

After the product is sliced, the tray dispenser drops a tray on top of the product holder. Then the product is placed in the tray using gravity. As you can see in the video and what is of the upmost importance with chicken breast fillet is that the skin side is always up. We have complete control on how the product is placed in the tray. The product holders on the VS 250-1 can be adapted to any product and can therefore be used to make strips of meat and poultry
products. Adding an extra Blade unit to the system can make it slice cubes of meat and poultry products as well.