Horizontal slicer HS 500

The Equimex Horizontal Slicer HS 500-3 consists of 2 horizontal belts on top of each other and a set of oscillating bledes in between. The number of blades can vary between 1 and 6. It is also possible to use a so-called Cordon-blue knife to make the butterfly cut. The Horizontal Slicer HS 500-3 has three parallel sets of belts, which enables you to slice meat of different thickness at the same time, giving you slices with the same thickness. After the meat is placed on the lower belt, it is gently shaped between the two belts and then transported through the oscillating blades. The thickness of the slices can be chosen between 5 and 30 mm (3/16" - 1 3/16"). Because of the high velocity of the blades the slices are very accurate with a smooth cutting surface. The Horizontal Slicer HS 500-3 is manufactured of stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials and meets the highest requirements of safety and hygiene.

The HS 500-3 is most commonly used as a chicken breast slicer, that can slice in multiple slices, with different setups in each lane. As a chicken breast slicer the Equimex HS 500-3 also slices in a cordon-blue cut, chicken kiev cut or butterfly cut.

Features and benefits

  • High capacity through three cutting lanes
  • Blades, in each lane individually and accurately adjustable
  • Blades, guide bars and belts are removable within minutes without tools
  • Speed of upper and lower belts are always synchonized and adjustable by a frequency inverter
  • Slices more accurate than by hand
  • High yield
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Simple adjustments
  • Reduces worker stress
  • Meets the highest requirements of safety and hygiene